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Korg Wavedrum Mini

Korg Wavedrum MiniThe Wavedrum Mini borrows technology from the popular Wavedrum series and provides a playable pad, speaker, sounds, effects, patterns, and a loop recorder, as well as a sensor clip to transform any object into a second sound source. The instrument offers a hundred ready-to-play sounds, from acoustic-emulating drum and percussion voices to synth tones. Additional sounds can be accessed by attaching the sensor clip to a tabletop, cup, or any object, transforming that item into a percussion instrument. Ten multi-effects are available, including spatial-type effects (delay, chorus, and reverb), modern effects (filters and pitch shifters), and distortion.

The Wavedrum Mini also contains a hundred rhythm patterns covering a range of styles. The Looper function will record and play back any Wavedrum Mini performance, and an unlimited number of overdubs can be added, creating complex, multi-sound patterns. (The total record length is twenty-five seconds.) List price: $430.

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