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Hello, groovy drummers and MD readers! I hope you like your pots and pans! It is always good to be part of the big drummer family!

My name is Eric Boudreault, and I am a drummer from Montreal, Canada. I started to play the drums at the age of three. I tried many other instruments—piano, guitar, violin, bass, and Afro-Cuban percussion—but my first love is still the drums. I think that it is important to be able to play other instruments and know how to groove with them in a different way.

I went to college and completed a bachelor’s degree in drums because I wanted to learn it at a very young age. Now it is easier for drummers to get drumming cues from the Internet, drum books, and TV. But that means more information to digest, and you need time to incorporate it into your own playing and build your own style.

I had a chance to play with many incredible musicians—John Patitucci, Alex Acuña, John Beasley, Michel Cusson, Ron Di Lauro, and many more—and it helped me to become a better musician. Since 2002, I perform 200 to 300 shows a year with different production companies. I also have a studio in my house and record albums for many artists. Advertisement

Drumming for me is a lifestyle, but the most important thing is to enjoy life, doing things with my friends and family. Yes, for sure when you are a musician you need to practice and focus, but don’t forget that all your life will be reflected on your playing! There are many good drummers out there, but it is not just about chops and grooves. Your personality is really important too, as is having fun doing things besides the drums.

I toured with [equestrian performance group] Cavalia for four years, and for the past year I’ve toured with their second production, Odysseo, all over the U.S. and Canada. I am also the official drummer of the rock ’n’ roll circus the Perfect Unknown. I’ve toured all around the world with them since 2007. This is a cool gig because I have to be part of the acrobats and not just playing in the background.

I am a full DW drums, Meinl, Remo, and Regal tip endorser. I am truly thankful to them because they give me all the support I need on the road.

I played at the Montreal Drumfest two times, and I’ve done drum clinics all over the country for the past five years. You may also see me in the Sticks & Skins book and on Drum Channel.

If you want to keep in touch with me—talking about cars, good food, traveling, house furniture, family—guys, I’m down! Drum safe!


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