Watch the short film The Drummer by Bill Block

Excerpt taken from Vimeo.

Written and directed by Bill Block

Defeated and alone, Dave wanders the streets in the early hours of his 40th birthday. His great love is music… from a long forgotten era… and he has dedicated himself to it. Unfortunately, no one’s listening.

This is the end of Dave’s dream… and things go from bad to worse until… he is offered a job: a wedding in Connecticut. He gets one last chance to play, but with a band he has never met.

The elaborate estate where the reception is to take place intimidates him. Drums set up; he nervously fidgets as the Wedding Party and their moneyed Guests gather to celebrate.

The band is late and Dave must endure the wrath of the Party Planner. Only the Singer has shown up and the music is supposed to start. Since this is his last shot, Dave decides to play. It is a disaster. The Guests are horrified and the Bride is in tears but Dave keeps playing. The Groom is ready to kill but is stopped by his own parents who have come onto the dance floor to request a song. Dave obliges and as he plays, they dance beautifully together which inspires the Singer to join in. Suddenly, the scene takes on a palpable magic and the room is spellbound.

The band finally shows and discovers the party going wild while Dave and the Singer perform an up-tempo crowd pleaser from the Big Band era. As Dave channels his musical heroes, he is reborn. Advertisement

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