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Supernova Custom Drums Announces Snare Drum World Tour

The ‘Supernova Custom Drums Snare World Tour’ aims to give their Facebook Friends a chance to try out one of their custom made snare drums in their own homes/practice spaces/gigs, so we are sending one out to complete a very special world tour.

Each person will have 7 days to play the snare before it gets sent on to another drummer. The Snare World Tour will all be coordinated on Facebook.com/supernovacustomdrumssnareworldtour, with a map of where the snare drum has traveled to on their website at Supernovadrums.com. All of the rules and the terms and conditions can be seen on both their main website and on the Snare World Tour Facebook page.

Once 1,000 people have joined the Snare World Tour Facebook page, the snare will be let loose! The promotion is live now.

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