Noble & Cooley CoolMount Tom Mount

March 2012

Product Close-Up

Noble & Cooley CoolMount Tom Mount

by Miguel Monroy

Noble & Cooley CoolMount Tom Mount

When most drummers begin the life of a gigging musician, they’re so excited just for the opportunity to play out. As time goes on, however, and they’ve been playing in bars three nights a week for several months straight, the excitement begins to wear off. It’s at this point that most of us begin looking for ways to make our setup and teardown time faster and easier.

It was this desire for efficiency and speed that had me excited to check out the latest product from Noble & Cooley, the CoolMount. According to the company, after the initial install, this item “eliminates the need for drum keys, wing nuts, and memory locks, and reduces the time it takes to set up and tear down a drum set.” The package also states that the CoolMount fits most suspension systems and any L-arm-style tom stand.


The CoolMount boasts a solid aluminum construction that’s both lightweight and durable. We have no doubt that this product would survive countless tours and years of rigorous gigging. The mount is currently offered in two colors: chrome and black chrome. The included mounting bolts with either option are shiny chrome, which could present an aesthetic dilemma for those who prefer the look of black chrome.  The CoolMount comprises two parts. The first is the male bracket, which attaches to your existing suspension system. The second is the female bracket that mounts to your L-arm-style tom holder. Advertisement


The first thing I discovered as I was setting up the CoolMount is that it doesn’t work with my Tama Star-Cast mounting system. This definitely came as a surprise. The package for the CoolMount indicates that I could visit the Noble & Cooley website to find a suspender band or sizing adapter to make the mount work with the Star-Cast.

After switching to a different universal suspension system, I was finally set up and ready to test out the CoolMount. The initial install was quick and easy to complete. After getting the tom mounted in my desired position, I was then able to remove and replace the drum as fast as I could pick it up and set it down. The tom fit securely into the mounting bracket and showed no indication whatsoever of rattling or moving while being played.


The CoolMount offers a simple and efficient way to deal with placing and removing toms. It’s aesthetically pleasing and durable as well. Compared with the time it takes to set up my kit using my existing tom suspension system, I saved about eight seconds per drum, as I didn’t have to tighten wing nuts or memory locks. Because the mount is not completely universal, though, some players will need to order additional suspender bands or sizing adapters to make the CoolMount work. But overall the product is a nice alternative to other mounting systems, especially for those who want to streamline the setup process. List price: $39.95. Advertisement

Click below to watch a video review of the Noble & Cooley CoolMount tom mount.