Bill Bachman

Drummer/Educator Bill Bachman
Modern Drummer Education Team Member Bill Bachman

[MDEdTop]Bill Bachman is a world-renowned specialist in hand technique with a heavy background in rudimental drumming and its application to the drumset. Bachman is a regular contributing columnist for Modern Drummer magazine, author of the book Stick Technique: An Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer (Modern Drummer Publications) and the Logic marching percussion instructional series (Row-Loff Productions). Bachman has produced instructional DVDs (Reefed Beats and Rudimental Beats), and he is the inventor of the Remote Speedy Hat. He’s also the designer of Vic Firth’s Heavy Hitter pad series and signature Billy Club drumsticks. For more information, visit,, and

Here are two of Bachman’s Strictly Technique articles.

“Top-10 Rudiments, Part 1: The Single-Stroke Roll”—Apr. ’09

“Chops Builders, Part 1: Accent/Taps”—Feb. ’10