Zildjian Rarities Cymbals

Zildjian recently released select collectible and prototype cymbals from its vault and sound lab. Developed in conjunction with Zildjian artist Adam Nussbaum, the 22″ K Constantinople Renaissance ride is medium-thin and has random hammering and traditional lathing for an even spread of overtones. Cluster hammer marks add a little “dirt” to its sound.

In response to demand for thinner and darker-sounding cymbals, Zildjian has developed a new K Dark Thin series that’s unlathed and features brilliant finishes. Models include a 19″ K Dark Thin crash/ride, a 22″ K Dark Thin ride, and 14″ K Dark hi-hats.

Also available are K Custom Special Dry crashes in 16″, 17″, 18″, and 19″ sizes. These cymbals are heavily hammered and unlathed on top for a raw, earthy appearance and a very dry sound. The completely lathed bottom provides exotic overtones. Advertisement

A 24″ ZHT ride and a 10″ A Custom EFX cymbal complete the Rarities offerings.