The Complete Guide to Playing Brushesby Florian Alexandru-Zorn

The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes
by Florian Alexandru-Zorn


Online Review TheComplete Guide To Playing Brushes Book

Setting the bar for one-stop brush manuals, The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes aims to set your hands free. The typical circle-and-arrow diagrams are here. But, in a brilliant stroke, the focus is not on illustrating specific groove patterns. Instead, and more important, author Alexandru-Zorn breaks down a catalog of practical rhythm-motion patterns as applied to various note-value groups, allowing eventual independence for executing any pattern desired. The clincher is the outstanding DVD. Avoiding unnecessary yapping, Alexandru-Zorn demonstrates the breakdowns with front/overhead split-screen views that are definitively clear. Short transcribed grooves are offered for swing patterns and for rock, funk, and Latin usage as well. Also engaging is coverage of the twenty-six standard rudiments, executed with the maximum use of lateral sweeps for a full, distinctly brush-wise approach. And do not miss the eye-popping finale featuring the author in a knockout snare drum brush duet. (Alfred) Jeff Potter