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Dixon Custom Cherry Collection and Matrix Green Outlaw Drumset

Dixon’s new Custom Cherry Collection features drums made of a combination of cherry and mahogany. The lacquered shells are 9-ply (7.3 mm) with 45-degree bearing edges, black hardware, and 1.6 mm hoops. Kits are available in four- and five-piece configurations, in light brown and brown burst finishes.
List prices are $1,069 for the four-piece setup and $1,159 for the five-piece.

The new high-gloss Outlaw kit finish, “matrix green,” has a cascade of green sparkles streaked through black lacquer. The kit features 7-ply maple shells (7 mm bass/snare shells, 6 mm toms) with 45-degree bearing edges and 2.3 mm power hoops. Evans G2 batter heads and G1 resonant heads are included.

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