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The Evolution of Jazz Drumming by Danny Gottlieb



THE EVOLUTION OF JAZZ DRUMMING : Modern DrummerEducator and renowned player Danny Gottlieb chronicles the history of jazz drumming in an entertaining and educational workbook format that offers a brief background, photos, transcriptions, audio, and video of the featured players. From Baby Dodds to Jack DeJohnette, the list highlights the high-profile legends as well as lesser-known masters who helped shape jazz drumming. Gottlieb interjects personal notes along the way and includes helpful practice tips and performance pitfalls. The practice exercises, videos, and audio clips are thoughtfully constructed to capture the essence of each player. Although the book stops chronologically at Jack DeJohnette, excluding today’s jazz innovators, the early pioneers are well chronicled, giving the jazz novice an opportunity to affordably absorb the roots of this great American drumming art form. (www.hudsonmusic.com)
Mike Haid



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