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Drumming with Your Hands Featuring Kenny Malone



KENNY MALONE : Drumming With Your Hands : Modern DrummerThe jump-in and get-going approach to djembe and conga technique is the winning feature of this instructional DVD. Kenny Malone is a Nashville studio percussionist with years of experience, and his instruction is designed to get you started playing right away. With his warm, personable style, he demonstrates hand-drum techniques, showing how to get various sounds and weave them into patterns. Some might not relate to the country music examples, but authentic Cuban phrasing is not what this is about. The strength of this DVD is how it dispels any mysteries and gets people’s hands on a drum quickly to make music. With clear demonstrations, a friendly approach, and patterns for practice, Malone’s instruction will easily get someone started—even if they’ve never touched a drum before. (www.KennyMalone.net)

Martin Patmos


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