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Gretsch Full Range Ash Side Snares

Gretsch’s new Full Range ash side snare drums combine cutting tones with convenient mounting placement. Ash wood is inherently dense and produces a high pitch and bright timbre, making it an ideal choice for auxiliary snare shells. Available in 6×10 and 6×12 sizes, these drums have 10-ply, 8 mm shells with 30-degree bearing edges, 2.3 mm triple-flange hoops, and twenty-strand steel snare wires. Shells are finished in transparent satin black and are outfitted with black hardware. A 12.7 mm Gretsch bracket with the GTS suspension system provides convenient mounting on a hi-hat stand, using a 12.7 mm L-arm (not included). The 6×10 model lists for $230; the 6×12 is $245.

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