Angelo Parente of Motionless In White

Angelo Parente of Motionless In White for Modern Drummer Drum Blogs Hello, MD readers! At the age of fourteen, I began playing drums. I started taking lessons at a local music shop once a week and worked with just a bass drum and snare, learning notes—and I hated it. I wanted to quit after the first few months, but my parents wouldn’t allow it. They told me to at least give it a year and than make my decision. After a year the thought of quitting never crossed my mind. I loved playing drums; it’s all I did. I practiced all day, every day.

The drummers that I looked up to included Joey Jordison of Slipknot, who were the reason I got into heavy metal music. Joey blew my mind. I constantly watched videos on him, and he was what drove me to learn double bass. Another influential drummer was Morgan Rose of Sevendust. His beats are so catchy, and he plays so cleanly. But one of the best things about him is the way he moves behind the kit. That’s what made me want to not just sit behind my kit and look like I’m chilling. I need to give the people something to watch, not just hear.

After playing in a couple different bands, singer Chris Cerulli and I formed Motionless In White in 2005. By 2006, we had developed our own sound, blending heavier, darker elements into melodic tracks, keeping it simultaneously catchy and heavy, with aggressive vocals and intense keyboard work. Dedicating ourselves to the band, we began to gain a devoted following, and eventually signed to Fearless records in December 2008. Advertisement

We have spent the past year on the road with bands like Alesana, Asking Alexandria, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bleeding Through, and In This Moment. The only time we stopped was to go in the studio for a month with producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, The Word Alive, In Fear And Faith) to record our debut album, Creatures. The drums on the album came out just how I wanted. I wanted my parts to be catchy, where you can constantly tap your foot while listening, but also do some technical stuff. This album definitely has the best songs the band has ever written.

We’re now on the Dead Masquerade tour with Escape The Fate and Alesana, and we’re set to be on the road through 2011—so come see us!

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