Ryan Guanzon of New Medicine

Ryan Guanzon of New Medicine for Modern Drummer Drummer BlogWhat’s up, MD readers! We’re just about ending our UPROAR Festival, and it’s been killer! It’s incredible to be out with so many amazing drummers. I still remember working in a drum shop and watching Mike Portnoy’s drum videos…now I’m onstage watching Mr. Portnoy rip it up with Avenged, Roy slam with Stone Sour, and how could I forget the legendary Vinnie Paul with Hellyeah! Everyone is ultra chill on this tour.

This is New Meds’ first tour on a bus, and it has been quite the change from rolling in our van. Probably the most noticeable difference is the ability to sleep past sunrise, when the sun typically raises cabin temperature to incubator levels. Secondly, we aren’t stopping to open up the hood or crawl underneath for repairs every other day. Now I get my own bunk, a widescreen for Xbox, and a fridge full of ice-cold brews! We’re also lucky to be sharing a bus with kick-ass Canadians Hail the Villain.

Don’t let the amenities be a misconception, though—being a new band on a huge tour is a lot of work. Being your own loader and tech, and trying to meet everyone at the show, can be grueling—especially outdoors when it’s 100 degrees every day. Advertisement

Since this is my first MD entry, I’ll introduce myself a bit. I started drumming in sixth grade, when I got my first kit. Before that, I’d played violin and piano since I was two. In high school I got into drum corps (the Cumberland Marching Beavers) and was mentored by ex-Marine snare drummer Dan Hopkins, who bludgeoned me into technical shape. In college I got into metal guitar and jazz drums, and did live sound at the Quest in Minneapolis. When I’m not on the road I’m writing and producing, but drums are the ultimate release!

For you curious gearheads, I rock a Drum Workshop Collectors maple kit with a Ludwig snare, Zildjian cymbals, and Vater sticks. Thanks for reading, and pick up the New Medicine record that came out in September!

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