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Alan Evans of Soulive for Modern Drummer Drummer BlogsWhat’s going on, everyone? I’ve been playing drums since I was nine months old. I started playing guitar when I was about twelve and got into recording soon after that. I’ve never really considered myself a “drummer” but rather a musician/engineer/producer and lover of music. I remember early on being in recording studios and cruising through drum takes. There would be all this downtime: “Alright, drummer, thanks a lot, time for guitar overdubs….” Instead of splitting the scene, I would hang and check out how everything went down. I was fascinated with the whole process, and I would observe and ask questions. Well, lucky for me, most of these engineers we were working with were assholes who could care less about answering some teenage drummer’s questions. So I took it upon myself to learn on my own and record on my own. So in between gigs, school, and skateboarding, I would record. The first band I recorded was a power trio I had with my brother Neal. Neal was playing drums (he’s a dope drummer on top of being an insane keyboardist), I was on guitar, and we had a couple of bassists. I haven’t stopped since. Now I’m in my studio producing bands from all around the world probably more than I’m on the road with Soulive.

I guess my point is, diversify. I’ve always felt that every musician should at least attempt to play another instrument. Get a feel for a bandmate’s axe. It helps to open you ears to what’s going on in rehearsal, on stage, and in life. I also tell cats to write. Write, write, write! All of this will help you become a better musician. Ask questions, and if cats are reluctant to help you, keep trying. Do it on your own, and find your own voice.

Like I said earlier, I’m a lover of music, and I think I’m one of the luckiest musicians on the planet. For the last eleven years I’ve gotten to travel all over the world with my brother Neal and our guitarist, Eric, making music we love. We’ve started our own record label, Royal Family Records, which gives us the ability to put out whatever we want. Our latest album is called Rubber Soulive, a collection of some of our favorite Beatles tunes. We’ve gotten to open for the Rolling Stones on a few tours, among other great cats. Stevie Wonder has sat in with us. All this because I’ve never backed down from what I believed to be true: If you love what you do and show that you’re having a great time, your audience will feel the same and keep coming back for more. Advertisement

So to put my money where my mouth is, check us out. I hope you’ll dig it.

Hope all is well, everyone.


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