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Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche

Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche Modern Drummer Drummer BlogHello, everyone, Scott Rockenfield here. Just touring around the globe doing multiple different types of Queensryche shows. Check the links below for tour stops and updates. We also just signed a new multiple-record deal with Roadrunner and are recording our next album for a spring 2011 release—a world tour to coincide at that time as well. Besides all that I’ve been composing music for film many years now. I signed a deal with Loopmasters in the U.K. for recording drums loops, sound FX, score FX, etc. If you are a composer/musician, please check it out, as there are all sorts of great products available.
Just a short blog this time, but I wanted to connect and say hi to all of you. Thanks for listening!


For more on Scott Rockenfield and Queensryche, go to

www.scottrockenfield.com, www.queensryche.com, www.loopmasters.com, or www.bigfishaudio.com.


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