Doug Jones Of Taddy Porter Modern Drummer Drummer BlogHey, guys, this is Doug Jones from the band Taddy Porter. It is an honor to be asked to contribute to this blog. I never took any lessons growing up, and most of what I learned came from watching other drummers, and the music included in the articles of Modern Drummer. I became a drummer by a fluke chance that I could keep a rhythm better than the current drummer at church. I was mainly a guitar player growing up, but once I sat down behind a kit at around fifteen, I knew that I had found my calling. I started to really pay attention to drummers like John Bonham, Keith Moon, and Mitch Mitchell.

Currently I play a set of Pearl Reference series drums that include a 14×24 kick, 9×13 rack, 16×16 and 16×18 floors, and a 6 1/2×14 20-ply snare. I use Zildjian 14″ Mastersound hats and two 21″ Sweet rides. Lately I have been switching to using all rides as crashes, much like Julian Dorio from the Whigs and Neil Mason from American Bang. I hit pretty heavy, and it lets me hit at the power I feel comfortable with, without breaking everything I own.

We just recently released our self-titled debut album, and it’s been pretty crazy so far. Soon we’ll be hitting the road with Slash, which still has me kind of mind-blown considering I was delivering pizzas and listening to Guns N’ Roses on the radio not that long ago. We are gearing up to release our second single, “Big Enough,” and organizing a tour in the fall with Finger Eleven. We’ve been very fortunate in that we have an unbelievable team behind us and some of the greatest fans we could have ever asked for. Thanks for giving me a chance to ramble, and be sure to check out our new album!

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