Rick Henry of Havana Rocks

Rick Henry of Havana Rocks My name’s Rick, and I’m the drummer for Yorkshire hard rock outfit Havana Rocks. I thought it would be cool to share some info about me and the band with all the MD readers.

Well, what can I say, I live, eat, and breathe to drum. I started playing at age thirteen. It all started when I went to see Meat Loaf, and John Miceli was playing the drums. John and Meat had a big influence on my life by inspiring me to love, enjoy, and play music from the heart. I started taking lessons with the late, great Russell Woods; I thought, great time to start bashing these skins—that was not to be the case. Russ gave me a piece of wood and for the next couple of months I was on that, practicing the “MA-MA DA-DA.” It wasn’t what I had in mind—my kit was calling me. So I practiced long and hard until I mastered the technique. Russell became a great friend, tutor, mentor, and inspiration, and he taught me everything he could before sadly passing away in 2005. Ever since then I have been studying with the legendary Dave Hassell. Over the last seven years I have taken my inspiration from John, Russell, and Dave, as well as from Buddy Rich, Phil Rudd, Max Weinberg, Travis Barker, and Nicko McBrain, to name but a few. I’ve played in bands ranging from brass, jazz, metal, rock, and theater to symphony orchestra. My motto is simple: Play anything, anytime, anywhere.

Havana Rocks is a four-piece hard-hitting rock band from Sheffield. With tattoos, attitude, and an “in your face” stage presence, we have drawn our influences from many rock bands of the ’70s and ’80s to create our own style of contemporary rock music that delivers an all-out balls-to-the-wall rock sound. This past June marked an exciting time for the band, as we did our first U.K. tour, promoting our self-titled six-track EP.

Well, it’s been cool chatting to you all. I’d like to finish by thanking Modern Drummer for letting me blog and for all those who took the time out to read it. And thanks to Keith at KD Drums for making me part of the family, your drums rock! Advertisement



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