Andrew McAuley : Modern DrummerHey, everyone! First I’d just like to thank the Modern Drummer family for giving me this amazing opportunity to communicate with you, the drumming community. MD is easily the most recognized drumming publication in the world, so I am truly honored to be a part of it! With that said, I’d like to take this time to let you all know a little bit about my background and my personal approach to the instrument.

I’m a drummer and percussionist based in the New York area who has been playing drums for fifteen years and teaching for ten. I have completed studies at the Drummers Collective in New York City, and have also had the honor of studying and performing with masters Billy Martin (of Medeski Martin & Wood) and Cyro Baptista. My main focus in drumming is always to truly express myself in a unique and original manner. I believe that all musicians, not just drummers, need to try and discover their own voice on their instrument. Some perfect examples of drummers who have done so are Max Roach, Billy Martin, Cyro Baptista, Bob Moses, Terry Bozzio, and Jim Black—and there are countless others! In order to try and get examples of this message across to the drumming community, I have taken several measures.

The first is a free online mix tape series entitled Heavy In The Beats. The purpose of this series is to help un-established drummers and percussionists gain exposure. Each volume features original drum and percussion compositions by unknown drummers, as well as one or two original pieces from some of today’s top players. Volume 1, A Different Drum, focuses on the avant-garde side of the instrument and features original pieces from Billy Martin, myself, and others.

The second thing I’ve done to try and help expose people to some different types of drumming is I created a drum channel where you can find both videos of my drumming as well as free lessons from my online instructional series, Thinking Outside The Box With Andrew McAuley.

Finally, the third thing that I have done is I’ve started offering private drum lessons online, using the Skype program. Students have the option of signing up for an individual lesson or for a monthly plan. Well, these are just a few of the ways that I’m trying to spread the message of originality and creativity to the rest of the drumming community. I hope you choose to check them out and that you not only enjoy the material, but find inspiration in it as well! I’d like to thank all of you for reading.

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