The Morning After Girls’ Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson of The Morning After Girls : Modern DrummerLast year, two wonderful things happened in my life. First, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. And second, I joined my new band, The Morning After Girls! It consists of my Australian and American brothers. I hope I’m not coming off self-righteous. I was lucky enough to hook up with these guys through an audition via a lovely cup of tea on the Upper West Side of NYC. The music is great, and we seem to have a sincere chemistry on and off stage, which is a rare thing. I never understood bro love until now.

Anyway, we started playing together last November and had our first show in January 2009 in New York City. We have also played a handful of shows and festivals in L.A., Toronto, and Austin, which all have been wonderful experiences, and we’re on tour this summer.

I don’t want to say what the pillars of my career are, but just so you know, I was the lead in the show STOMP. Hey, don’t judge me. [laughs] This is my time to shine, thank you very much! No, seriously, it’s taken me literally three months to write a few paragraphs because I was nervous to write this. After all, this is Modern Drummer–it’s the pinnacle, the top of the mountain, so to speak, for all us drummers! It’s a true honor to have been asked to contribute this blog. I’ve been reading MD forever, so this is very exciting for me! Thank you. Advertisement

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