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Troy Yocum: Going For The Guinness

Troy Yocum : Modern DrummerMD Readers,

After drumming for three straight days in the heat, I ended up straining my right calf muscle and couldn’t finish my attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for longest drumming marathon. The heat here played a big role in wearing me down. It never got below 80° and was a scorching 105° during the second day. I should have played inside but wanted to be on the main stage. Other mistakes could have been forgone. I drank too many energy drinks, which kept me awake during my short breaks, when I really needed to get a twenty-minute nap. I played a song list that was too complex, with tempos that were too fast. The average song was around 100 bpm. So for those three days I played over 400,000 notes not including backbeats. My lead hand became worn and I had to switch off keeping time with my left. A hi-hat locking mechanism came in handy but didn’t end up saving the day. Days later my hand still hurts and I am healing my whole body. If you are looking into taking on the record then I suggest a good diet. Lots of potassium and protein, and keep off the caffeine, sugar, and electrolytes until the final days. Those things will help push you past the sleep deprivation but shouldn’t be used to give you the energy during the first days. Stick with natural juices and water.

I am not going to let this get me down. Many records are not broken the first time attempted. I will learn from my mistakes and make my second attempt in November. I look to this as a difficult challenge that’s worth taking on. I can either let this tear me apart or work harder. I now know what I must do.

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