Taking Back Sunday’s Mark O’Connell

Mark O’Connell of Taking Back Sunday : Modern DrummerHello, MD! It’s Day 5 of the Give It A Name tour in Europe, and every minute so far has been a blast. Right now I’m sitting in the dressing room in Vienna, Austria with my wife and my friends in Underoath. One reason this tour has been great is because we’re touring with a bunch of awesome bands, and we’re also playing late–which gives me a chance to go out and explore all the cities. So far I’ve seen the most beautiful parts of Cologne and Munich. Yesterday was a day off, so I was able to spend it in Vienna. I’m really excited to tour Bologna, Zurich, and London in the days to come.

So our latest album, New Again, is coming out in June. It’s a pretty funny thing when you’ve got this baby that you’ve been working on for so long, because you can never really tell what people are going to think about what you’re going put out. The reason I say that is because we were just in Germany and some people who’ve heard the album are upset that there isn’t screaming on the record. The funny thing about German interviewers is that they can be so brutally mean. If you’ve ever listened to our music, you know that there was never that much screaming in the first place, so I’m not really sure what they’re talking about.

Totally off the subject…anyway, so like I said, I’m sitting here with my friends in Underoath and we’re discussing this other band that we will just call BANDTHATIHAVEN’THEARDBEFORE. This music is so awful that it actually hurts my feelings! And from what I’ve heard there are more bands that sound like this. Man, am I getting old? It makes me wonder what all the old-school punk and hardcore bands thought about the music that my band put out. Did they hate my band as much as I hate this garbage? I really hope not. Anyway, I’ve never written a blog before, and this was fun getting some thoughts out. I’m really slow at typing too…. Advertisement

New Again will be in stores on June 2, and the first single, “Sink Into Me,” is available now on iTunes.

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