Steve Smith: Head, Hands, Feet, And “Shoulders???

Hudson Music has recently released Steve Smith’s DVD Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants, which Smith describes as “a detailed look at the drumming of some of the jazz giants who have helped create the vocabulary and concepts of drumming in general.”

Smith believes the influence of these particular drummers–Buddy Rich, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones, and Tony Williams–has transcended the jazz world and is in fact present in all styles of drumming. The DVD title refers to what Steve feels is a debt that we all owe these players. “They developed the ideas that we use to express ourselves today,” he explains. “It’s important to document and pass on this information, as it may be hard for younger drummers to relate to the concepts and innovations of these drummers without clear and insightful explanations and demonstrations.

“Professional players will gain some new tools and ideas as well,” Smith adds. “On the DVD I’m assisted by the great drummer/educator/author John Riley. His questions and comments are one of the reasons why I feel Shoulders Of Giants succeeds in demystifying much of the playing of these masters.” Advertisement

Robyn Flans