Drummer Corey Pierce of God ForbidSo, once again the time has come for a new God Forbid album. I’m very proud and excited to be a part of this experience, which I’ve been fortunate to share with my band, our friends, our families, and our fans. For me this journey has been one of amazing progression, on so many levels. The point that I think is most important is the variety of songs on this new record. There are so many different textures that just playing from song to song, I knew it was going to be something special. I’ve had the opportunity on this record to integrate many styles of playing, taking from the worlds of black metal, fusion, salsa, arena rock, and even classic progressive rock such as King Crimson. I think just being in a position to be in a band such as this, and being able to do what we want because of the true fans that we have, has made us demand more of ourselves.

I don’t want to take away from the sheer fun of the experience as well. I’d made a great living and lived out fantasies that you only dream about when you’re writing music–like what you would play in the ’80s in some big arena, with whaling guitars and huge, way-too-reverb-heavy snare drums that ring out across the masses. I feel like this is the first record where I have no regrets. I got to use many of the skills that I’ve been trained in, such as the many rudiment techniques I learned through my drum corps experience, and the arrangement and dynamics skills I learned from my classical percussion training. We also can’t forget the sheer balls-out adrenaline rush of just playing fast, in-your-face metal that I’ve been a fan of since 1987. I think it’s rare in this life to truly be able to do what you love to do, with no titles, restrictions, or boundaries. I guess, in the end, all I can say is I hope everyone feels as free and as excited listening to this record as I did writing and playing on it.

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