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Todd Turner of Far-Less

I have to say, the fact that I’m writing anything for the best drumming publication in the world is a crowning achievement that I certainly do not feel worthy of. I’ve read Modern Drummer ever since I would beat on the pots and pans in the kitchen of my parents’ house at the age of ten or so. I would go over to my neighbor’s house and stand outside of his back door just to listen to him practice, sometimes for hours, and occasionally he would let me in and I would browse through his collection of MD magazines.

My band, Far-Less, has recently released our new album, A Toast To Bad Taste, on Tooth And Nail Records. On this album, we drastically changed to a more epic and personal sound. While writing the beats and percussion tracks for this album, I wanted to really try to think outside of the box while keeping everything digestible to the average listener. Most of the songs have drum tracks that aren’t technically loaded with difficulty; however, I would like to think that the beats are original. In my opinion, a drummer who writes and performs from his true style is so much more appealing than somebody who just throws out numerous rudiments and fills that have been recycled and duplicated countless times.

As for now, we are on tour with He Is Legend for most of November, promoting the release of our new record, and then we’ll return home to our Virginia headquarters for Thanksgiving before going back out. Be sure to pick up the album and continue supporting great publications and deserving musicians.



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