Jim Brock

drummer Jim BrockJim Brock’s new CD/DVD set, The Nature Of Drumming, is an inspirational look at what makes this fine drummer/percussionist tick. “It’s basically an instructional video for why we play, and not so much on how we play,” Brock explains. “That’s why it deals with world music. The Cuban, Native American, and Brazilian pieces are all spiritual chants. The jazz pieces are representative of love and beauty. ‘79 Seagulls’ is a piece that I created to show understanding to the art of listening and to paying attention to the world around us. The whole body of work is a celebration of life through music and rhythm, and how we’re all a part of it. That’s why I created the sound of the heartbeat. It’s in us all.”

It’s rare to find a player so highly skilled on drumkit and hand drums. The Nature Of Drumming illustrates this by featuring Brock in several different ensembles. “It all goes hand in hand for me,” Brock explains. “It has always amazed me that there are some drummers who don’t care to ever explore, for instance, the tambourine, or percussionists who never utilize their feet. It’s not necessarily important that you master these other instruments, but you should have an understanding of them. You can’t have that understanding until you feel them, have your hands on them, and explore them.”

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Robin Tolleson