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Trey Gray

drummer Trey Gray“I had horrible gigs when I moved to town,” Trey Gray recalls about moving from his hometown of South Bend, Indiana to Nashville, Tennessee. “Sometimes the gigs I did were only for the door, so I might only make a couple of bucks a night. It was a struggle, but worth it.”

That was then, Faith Hill is now. “The best thing about playing with Faith is that from day one we were treated with respect,” Gray says. “She always made us feel like we were as much a part of her success as anyone else.” With Hill, Gray plays between fifty and eighty shows per year, not to mention her high-profile performances onVH1 Divas, award shows like the Grammys, and late-night shows. “I always wanted to be on Letterman,” Gray admits. “The first time was amazing, and now I think I’ve been on seven times. Each time gets better.”


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