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Mark Zonder

drummer Mark Zonder“There are several cool things about the recording of the new Fates Warning release, Disconnected,” says drummer Mark Zonder. “For me, one of the best things was being able to record my drum parts in my own studio. I practiced a lot for this record, and in doing so I was able to record my parts in two and a half days.”

Another cool thing that Zonder is excited about is that drummer Dave Weckl recorded his new record at Zonder’s studio, Frankie’s Hideaway, and was helpful in the recording of Zonder’s drums. “Dave had some great input on the recording process,” Mark says. “He helped me with ideas about tuning and heads and also let me use some of his mic’s, which he recommended for certain sounds.”

Zonder is also in the process of moving to the East Coast after living in Los Angeles for twenty years. “I was really getting burned out doing the same thing every day in LA,” Mark admits. “I’m moving to Long Island to try to get a new musical perspective and to get involved in some new side projects. My studio in LA basically runs itself, so I don’t need to be here for that. It’s time to find some new inspiration.”


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