Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer

Aerosmith's Drummer Joey KramerAerosmith’s Joey Kramer has a new endeavor. It’s called Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer’drum Loops And Samples, which is fairly self-explanatory, except that Kramer says there are some special features.

“There are two CDs,” Joey says. “One was recorded dry and the other wet [ambient – with room mic’s]. On the dry one, you can add your own effects to it. There about four hundred fifty drum beats or loops. About twenty-five of them are Aerosmith-related, and the rest of them are just me. A lot of the beats have different variations so that they can be used for different parts in a song.

“What I think sets this apart from what’s already on the market,” Kramer continues, “is instead of just being one bar of every loop, I put enough on there so a bit of a swing is established. There’s enough so that it feels good, like a real human being. Also, the way it’s recorded, it can go right to a record. We purposely didn’t master it, so that if it’s used on a record, it can be mastered with the record. I really think this is a tool for anyone from a kid making demos in his bedroom to a hip-hop producer to a drummer who wants to learn new beats.” Advertisement

As for Joey’s main gig, Aerosmith, the band has been back in the studio recently, working on a “back to the roots” album. The band is also on the road this summer, co-headlining with KISS.