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Gordon Heckaman of Depswa

Gordon Heckaman of Depswa“With every drum part I play, I try to complement the other musicians as much as I can,” says Depswa drummer Gordon Heckaman. And that attitude is readily apparent, especially on the act’s most recent Interscope/Geffen release, Two Angels And A Dream. Throw in the disc. After a few tracks you’ll notice that while most drummers would battle their bandmates for the foreground – particularly in the intricate, alternative genre that Depswa works in – Heckaman is completely respectful of letting the song be the song. And perhaps that’s because he understands the band from another perspective. You see, Heckaman was a fan of the band before he joined the act two years ago.

The buzz over Depswa’s recent disc has helped to land them on some major tours, including last summer’s OzzFest. “We bumped it up a notch,” Heckaman says of the band’s live performances. “When I play, I’m pretty visual. I’m a big fan of Morgan Rose of Sevendust, and he’s so much fun to watch. I’m not trying to copy him, but I do little arm movements to keep the kids entertained. In fact, a lot of fans I’ve met have mentioned my playing style, which is cool.”