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Eric Bobo

Eric Bobo

Photo by Flor Guzzetti

Although Eric Bobo would tag Cypress Hill as his main gig, his current focus is a solo project. “It’s a Latin jazz album, a return to roots for me, because that’s my background,” Bobo explains. “It’s not really anything that goes with the whole recent Latin explosion. It’s just something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I figure there’s a lot more people who are open to this type of music now, so I’m giving it a shot.”

In creating his upcoming solo record, Bobo has been working with Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato. It should be noted that Bobo worked with The Beasties well before he worked with Cypress Hill. He cut tracks on Ill Communication and Hello Nasty, playing both percussion and drums. (His primary instrument is the timbales.) Bobo has also been a percussionist with The Black Crowes (on Amorica) and is credited with performing on 311’s Transistor.

Taking sharp turns in his career isn’t new to Bobo. In fact, he got his start jamming Latin jazz over twenty-five years ago, learning in a scene that’s quite remote from the stages his current band shares (most recently with Limp Bizkit on a Napster-sponsored tour). However, Eric is quick to explain that the education he received back in the day – thanks in part to his father, legendary percussionist Willie Bobo – was vital to his present success as a prolific percussionist.