Brian Frasier-Moore

Drummer Brian Frasier-MoorePhilly born and raised Brian Frasier-Moore has been supplying the beat for Christina Aguilera since the beginning of her career. Not only is he thrilled to be her drummer, he also appreciates the relationship they’ve cultivated. “We’re best friends,” Brian says. “That makes this a great gig, even beyond playing the music.

On the musical side of things, Brian says energy is the key. “She really depends on the drums a lot. She’s gotta feel them.? And Brian understands how to deliver that feeling, having backed R&B superstars like Aaliyah, Ginuwine, and Usher.

“When I began working with Christina,” Brian says, “I had to transform from an R&B musician into more of a pop player. I think R&B is a little looser, and you’re able to do extra stuff. Playing pop for someone like Christina or Janet Jackson – who I’ve also worked with – is more about the parts and being a team player. My part has to be played so the bass player can play his part and the keyboard player can play his. It all has to come together.” Advertisement

Brian enjoys playing with percussionist Ray Yslas on the gig. “Having Ray there gives me the opportunity to buckle down, find the grooves, and find the best way to interpret my thing without worrying about all of the “extras.” We also play a lot of Latin-flavored songs, and on certain sections Ray may be playing congas and bongos and laying the groove down. So I can, in turn, add a cowbell and timbales to make it more full. I have to say, we’re so tight musically, we’re almost like the same instrument.”