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Category: On the Beat

An archive of blog posts from drummers and percussionists in the Modern Drummer community.

Denny Seiwell

On the Beat With Denny Seiwell: Talks New Book, Trio, and Drums

Hey MD drummers! How’s everybody doing? It’s Denny Seiwell checking in from Los Angeles. I’ve been playing drums since I was five years old. My dad was a drummer and I’ve had a pretty wonderful career that includes over two hundred or so albums/CDs, and a slew of TV shows and movie soundtracks.

Drummer Carmine Appice behind the kit

On the Beat With Carmine Appice: Stick It!

Hi MD drummer dudes and girls! This is a fun time in my career. After forty-nine years in the music business and touring the world many times playing arenas, stadiums, theaters, etc., I’ve reached a point where I can sit back and review my life of drumming and music….

Danny Dolan of The Virginmarys

On the Beat With Danny Dolan of the Virginmarys: Formal Lessons and Being Adaptable

Hello MD! My name is Danny Dolan from the Virginmarys. I live in Macclesfield, England and I consider myself a drummer. My introduction to the drum world began on my sixth birthday. I remember my dad being more excited than me about the “best-ever present” he had bought—a full-size ten-piece Pearl drumkit with what seemed like a million and one cymbals….

Abe Fogle

On the Beat With Abe Fogle of Rob Thomas: Road Update

Hi MD! The Australian leg of (Matchbox Twenty) Rob Thomas’ solo tour, The Great Unknown, was exciting. It was great to get back to Australia again and to experience such a beautiful country. The shows were phenomenal, and each one felt like it got better as the dates went forward….

Anup Sastry of Monuments

On The Beat with Anup Sastry of Monuments

Hi MD, my name is Anup Sastry and I play drums in a band called Monuments. Below is a video of me recording my band’s song “Quasimodo” for the Creative Live Boot Camp with engineer/producer Eyal Levi….