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An archive of blog posts from drummers and percussionists in the Modern Drummer community.

Mike Fuentes

On the Beat With Mike Fuentes of Pierce the Veil: Self-Taught Style

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Fuentes and I play drums for a band called Pierce the Veil. When I was fourteen years old my dad bought me my first drumset at a local swap meet along with a Buddy Rich DVD. After that, my brother Vic and I started jamming every day after school—writing songs and recording demos in my bedroom, where the walls were completely covered in posters of all my favorite bands….

Daniel Glass

On the Beat With Daniel Glass: New York Jazz Intensive

Hey everyone, Daniel Glass here. I am thrilled to announce the inaugural Daniel Glass New York Jazz Intensive, which will be happening at the Drummers Collective in NYC, June 3-6, 2016. Right now we’re offering Modern Drummer readers a $100 discount off the registration fee (just put in the promo code “DGjazz” when registering)….

Mike Calabrese

On the Beat With Mike Calabrese of Lake Street Dive: Keeping It Simple, the Way It Used to Be

Hi, I’m in my early thirties now and have been touring full time with my band Lake Street Dive for the past three years. The title of this post, kept intentionally vague, addresses an overarching ethos of my career that has been more and more important to hold on to as the years go by and our operation grows. It applies to many aspects of my daily life, both musical and otherwise, and it’s helped me grow and maintain a healthy spirit on and off the stage….

Jason Hartless

On the Beat With Jason Hartless of Ted Nugent: Sonic Baptizm

Hello, everyone in Modern Drummer land! Jason Hartless here. I’m proud to announce that I am drumming for rock legend/“Motor City Madman” Ted Nugent this summer on the 2016 Sonic Baptizm tour. This tour will take us all across North America to a city near you!

Gilson Lavis

On the Beat With Artist and Drummer Gilson Lavis of Squeeze/Jools Holland: Talks Challenges and Rewards

“We are what we think.”—Lord Buddha

Cheers from the UK, Gilson here. I’m the original drummer for the Squeeze hits you know and love. Currently, I play with ex-Squeeze bandmate Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. As resident drummer on his TV show, Later…with Jools Holland, I’ve had the distinct honor of playing with a who’s who of past and present inspiring musical artists, including iconic rock royalty from Chuck Berry to Sir Paul McCartney, and I’ve toured the world over!

Tosin Aribisala

On the Beat With Tosin Aribisala: Let’s Get Happy!

Hello, everyone! From time to time I try to offer the drum community something tangible and inspiring—drum monologues, communal drumming, basic instructions, and workshops. Last year I embarked on a communal drumming project, which involved a few tribal drummers and myself on the drumset. The outcome was really amazing and we got to perform in different cities….

Denny Seiwell

On the Beat With Denny Seiwell: Talks New Book, Trio, and Drums

Hey MD drummers! How’s everybody doing? It’s Denny Seiwell checking in from Los Angeles. I’ve been playing drums since I was five years old. My dad was a drummer and I’ve had a pretty wonderful career that includes over two hundred or so albums/CDs, and a slew of TV shows and movie soundtracks.

Drummer Carmine Appice behind the kit

On the Beat With Carmine Appice: Stick It!

Hi MD drummer dudes and girls! This is a fun time in my career. After forty-nine years in the music business and touring the world many times playing arenas, stadiums, theaters, etc., I’ve reached a point where I can sit back and review my life of drumming and music….