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An archive of blog posts from drummers and percussionists in the Modern Drummer community.

Marc LaFrance of the Randy Bachman Band

On the Beat With Marc LaFrance of the Randy Bachman Band: Singing Drummer

Hello, On the Beat readers! My name is Marc LaFrance and I am the drummer/singer for Randy Bachman (Guess Who/BTO) and Bachman and Turner. I’m also a producer, songwriter, and session singer. I have performed on many albums over the years with such acts as Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, the Cult, Long John Baldry, Cher, Glass Tiger, Carly Simon, and the Scorpions, just to name a few….

Mickael Walle Wahlgren

On the Beat With Mickael Walle Wahlgren of Cam: Putting In the Time

Hi MD readers! It is such a privilege to be writing for On the Beat. My name is Mickael Walle Wahlgren and I’m a drummer from Sweden. I moved to Los Angeles from Stockholm a year ago. In that time I’ve had the pleasure to play behind the artist Cam on pretty much every late night and award show out there, tour with Brad Paisley earlier this year, and have just jumped on the Dierks Bentley tour….

David Frangioni: Carl Palmer Show Recap

On the Beat With David Frangioni: Carl Palmer Show Recap

Hello Modern Drummer readers, fellow drummers, and music lovers! David Frangioni here again and I’m pleased to share with you that the Carl Palmer concert was a resounding success. Carl and his band (along with special guests Steve Hackett, Mark Stein, and Liza Quin) killed it!

Cole Marcus

On the Beat With Cole Marcus

Hey Modern Drummer readers, this is Cole Marcus. I’m a seventeen-year-old drummer with a thirteen-year long professional career. I started playing at ten months old, and landed my first artist endorsements at age four with Mapex, Zildjian, and Vic Firth, with more added after that (Evans, Yamaha DTX, Cympad, GoPro, Humes & Berg, RocNSoc).

Educator Mike Wrench

On the Beat With Educator Mike Wrench: Overcoming Obstacles

Greetings, fellow drummers! I’m very excited to introduce Upbeat Outreach to the drumming community. My name is Mike Wrench, and I am a drummer and clinician whose passion is exploring the endless abilities in the realm of drumming. You can find me speaking and teaching at events from Rich Redmond’s Drummers Weekend to my local YMCA and regional development centers.