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An archive of blog posts from drummers and percussionists in the Modern Drummer community.

Vinnie Appice

On the Beat With Vinny Appice: Talks Bands, Tours, Projects, and More

Hi, everyone! For years I have been in a couple of very successful, famous bands and it has kept me busy with full schedules of endless touring and recordings. The music industry was in good shape back then, but times and the industry have changed and now many musicians are in different projects, bands, and offering different ways to make music and money at the same time. Presently I find myself multitasking; I actually enjoy the different musical challenges that come my way now. It’s a fantastic feeling to be in a great band, however, and that will never change.

Van Romaine

On the Beat With Van Romaine of Enrique Iglesias, Steve Morse, and Nena: Talks Artists, Mixes, and Tours

Hello, Modern Drummer readers. Whether some of you might know me from the Steve Morse Band, Enrique Iglesias, or from my last On The Beat feature, welcome! It’s been a crazy busy past two years, producing, tracking, or writing in NYC and setting up my new studio along with touring with Enrique Iglesias, Nena (“99 Luftballons???), and some others. After getting “go-pro’d??? a couple weeks back in Austria with Nena’s slammin’ band I thought this would be a good time to share some video and some ideas about playing with different artists and setups.

Terry Bozzio

On the Beat With Terry Bozzio: Talks Artistry, Music, and 2016 Tour

Hello my dear drum brothers! Some of you may not know who I am or what I’ve done for the past few years, or may not follow me because I don’t fit into the popular music scene much these days. Many of you younger drummers may not even know who the most important guys I ever played with were (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Missing Persons, and Mick Jagger might be some of the most well known). But for the last few years I’ve been touring as a solo drum artist, all on my own with no support except for a booking agent, PR guy, and my tech (both ex-drummers).

Alex Alexander

On the Beat With Alex Alexander: Talks Rocktopia Show

Hi everyone, it’s turning out to be a very busy year so far! Besides doing lots of session work and performances in NYC, I’m also taking some time out to tour internationally with Willie Nile, Kirsten Thien, and Eljuri. I also fill in for Steve Holley in Jeff Slate’s band when Steve is out on the road.

Ralph Alexander

On the Beat With Ralph Alexander of The Dose: The One Man Rhythm Section Experiment

Hello MD and greetings to all my fellow drummers! My name is Ralph Alexander and I play drums and bass in a rock duo called The Dose. My buddy Indio (guitar/vocals) and I wanted to form a two-piece band that could sonically fill a room without sacrificing any of the low end by omitting a bass player. We also didn’t want to use any backing tracks. So, I came up with the idea of playing both drums and bass—at the same time.