Richie Hayward

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Richie Hayward: The MD Interviews, Part 2

MD Online’s Richie Hayward archival series continues with the recently deceased Little Feat drummer’s October 1995 cover story, in which he talked at length about his playing concepts, his work outside of Little Feat, and the making of the band’s…

Modern Drummer
Nov 23, 2010

Richie Hayward: The MD Interviews, Part 1

Interview by Robyn Flans The drum world will never see another Richie Hayward. The longtime Little Feat drummer, who passed away in August, was among the most musically stylish and quietly influential drummers of the classic rock era, equal parts…

Modern Drummer
Oct 21, 2010

Richie Hayward: Little Feat’s Timeless Drum Hero

Richie Hayward, the drummer in the band Little Feat since their inception in 1969, was born in Clear Lake, Iowa, and was influenced by rock ’n’ roll pioneer Earl Palmer and big-band jazz drummer Sonny Payne. In 1966 he moved…

Modern Drummer
Sep 25, 2010

What Do You Know About...Richie Hayward?

by Bob Girouard Classic Hayward A hallmark of Richie Hayward’s style is his feel. The New Orleans influence is all over his playing, especially in the way he approaches shuffles and second-line rhythms. Here are a few of the drummer’s…

Modern Drummer
Dec 21, 2009

Richie Hayward Discusses Chinese Work Songs

Little Feat's latest album, Chinese Work Songs, came out at the end of June, and drummer Richie Hayward says he's pleased with the outcome. "We had a ball doing this one," he says. "Each album is a little different; they…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2004