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On The Beat with Daniel Adair of Nickelback: Singing and Playing the Drums

Hello, MD! For those of you who don’t know my story outside of Nickelback, here’s a short introduction. My roots go back to Vancouver in the ’90s when I was a workaholic playing with three to five bands at any…

Modern Drummer
Oct 20, 2016

Dec Web Update News

L.A. session drummer Robin Diaz is an official member of Daughtry. You can hear Diaz on the band’s latest release, Break the Spell. For more, visit David Garfield has produced and reissued Brotherly Love, a solo project by Toto/session…

Modern Drummer
Dec 19, 2011

Mark Goodwin of Sick Puppies

Hey, everyone! Mark with Sick Puppies here. A lot has happened with the band since the last time I blogged. In the past year we’ve been doing a mix of supporting and headlining tours with some of our favorite bands,…

Modern Drummer
Mar 21, 2011

Chad Szeliga: Props From Peers

Since joining the heavy rock band Breaking Benjamin in 2005, just in time to record the platinum-selling Phobia album, Chad Szeliga has drawn lots of attention for his unerring control, power, and musicality—and not just from fans but from some…

Modern Drummer
Aug 24, 2010

Daniel Adair: Truth Or Dair

  Nickelback owns rock radio. Over the past five years the band has sold more than twenty-six million records while garnering awards and top-ten singles faster then you can say “Oh Canada.” In addition, Nickelback has set records on Billboard…

Modern Drummer
Dec 18, 2008