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On The Beat with Corky Laing of Mountain: Talks “Secret Album” Pompeii

Hello Modern Drummer readers, it’s Corky Laing here again. This time I would like to tell you a story about an album that almost didn’t happen. It all started some forty years ago. After my first solo album, Makin’ It…

Modern Drummer
Sep 25, 2018

On The Beat with Corky Laing of Mountain: Shares Celebrations and Upcoming Projects

Photo by Mike Thut Well, here I am, Corky Laing of Mountain and West, Bruce & Laing at seventy years old. Seventy years old! Never thought I’d make it here, but I did, and I plan on keeping going. I’ve…

Modern Drummer
Feb 27, 2018

On the Beat with Corky Laing of Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing: Looking Back and Facing Forward

Hi there MD readers, Corky here. As some of you may know, I have been a professional drummer for half a century. You might remember me from such bands as Mountain and West, Bruce and Laing. What I find wonderful…

Modern Drummer
Oct 14, 2016

Mountain’s Corky Laing Announces A New Project

Corky Laing, longtime drummer with the legendary classic rock band Mountain, has a new band called the Memory Thieves. Laing, who via Mountain’s 1970 hit “Mississippi Queen” has done as much as anyone in Western culture to turn the cowbell…

Modern Drummer
Mar 2, 2012

Jason Hartless – Crüe Fest Veteran And More

Hey everyone in Modern Drummer land! My name is Jason Hartless, and I come from The Motor City. I am fifteen years old and have been a drummer for all of my life. I have been fortunate enough to, by…

Modern Drummer
Apr 29, 2010