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On The Beat with Fred Eltringham of Sheryl Crow: Talks Sheryl, Studio Work, and ACM Award

Hey there, MD fans, Fred Eltringham here with a little update. I just finished up a spring/summer tour with the incredible Sheryl Crow. We’ll be out this fall for some festival shows and on September 5 we will be appearing…

Modern Drummer
Aug 30, 2018

Tate Cunningham of SafetySuit

Hello, MD readers! I’m writing from my home in Nashville, Tennessee. I think I can speak for all touring musicians when I say that “home” is one of those words that can take on a whole new meaning on the…

Modern Drummer
Feb 14, 2012

Phil Boucher of Gentlemen Hall

Hello, world, Phil Boucher from Gentlemen Hall here! I’ve been drumming exclusively with this six-piece band for over three years now, and it’s probably been the most exciting period of my life so far. We hail from Boston (where we…

Modern Drummer
Nov 15, 2011

Dave Abbruzzese: Pearl Jam And More

Pearl Jam was months into their first U.S. tour, their second name, and their third drummer before most people had even heard of them. Their debut album, Ten, rested idle on retail shelves for nearly a year until songs such…

Modern Drummer
Feb 11, 2010