October 1982 – Volume 6 • Number 7


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Articles in October 1982

Jimmy Madison - New York State Of Mind

At least once a week an MD reader will write—usually from the Midwest—and ask "Should I move to New York if I want to be a professional drummer?" Jimmy Madison made that move. I realized while we were taping this…

by Scott K. Fish
Oct 6, 2017

October 1982 - Volume 6 • Number 7

Stewart Copeland, Ed Thigpen, Jimmy Madison, Neil Peart, Joe Morello, Armando Peraza, Raul Rekow, Orestes Vilato, Tommy Aldridge, Mark Craney

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 1982

Rock Charts - "Our Lips Are Sealed"

With their premiere album, Beauty and The Beat, the Go-Go's cornered their share of new wave fans by highlighting new wave's strength: compact, concise songs with strong hooks that captured the sound and attitude of early '60s rock. The album's…

transcribed by James Morton
Oct 6, 2017

Concepts - Respect: The Key To An Open Mind

One of the saddest things in our industry is to hear young drummers criticize or put down older drummers. After all, when you really analyze the history of drumming, all of the newest beats are just new ways of combining…

by Roy Burns
Oct 6, 2017

Jazz Drummer's Workshop - The Beauty Of Brushes

Brushes are the playing implement in the drummer's array of equipment which can, if handled properly, produce a wide range of sounds, moods and textures. Brushes are normally thought of for soft playing on ballads, and in trios playing small…

by Ed Thigpen
Oct 6, 2017

Teacher's Forum - Joe Morello On Clinics, Symposiums and Seminars

Photo by Lew Citer RM: You've been involved with clinics for quite a few years. JM: I've been doing clinics since the early '60s. For a while, I was doing a lot of them—twenty or thirty at a time. In…

By Rick Mattingly
Oct 6, 2017

The History of Rock Drumming Part IV

The Sixties (continued) The "British Invasion" of the '60s literally changed the consciousness of the world. Most of the musicians that are in their thirties today were directly influenced by the music of this era. Since there hasn't been another…

by Scott K. Fish
Oct 6, 2017

Santana's Percussion - A Profile in Latin Artistry

Santana's percussion section has been a consistent thread through the band's twelve-year existence.

by Robin Tolleson
Oct 6, 2017

Portraits - Mel Taylor

"You can't have put out as many records as we have in the past twenty years," says Ventures drummer Mel Taylor matter-of-factly, "and not have influenced a lot of people." By all accounts the Ventures are the most popular instrumental…

by Dan Forte
Oct 6, 2017

Ed Thigpen - Inter-Continental Swinger

Being a student of jazz drumming during the '60s could ofttimes be a mind-boggling experience. One had more than a fair share of influences to draw upon: Elvin Jones and Coltrane; Blackwell and Higgins with Ornette Coleman; Philly Joe and…

by Mark Hurley
Oct 6, 2017