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Michael Stasiak

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Widowspeak is undeniably a very nostalgic band. With a feeling of 60’s psych pop Americana the band hits a unique niche in modern music. The creation of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas, Widowspeak sets a new and familiar tone on their sixth studio album entitled The Jacket. This album propels the group into further perfecting of their sound with beautiful soft melodic voices and dancing guitar melody’s. Their sound is tied together with an antique sounding drum kit that drives the songs through the album. With the return of founding drummer Michael Stasiak, Widowspeak has returned to the raw dark roots of their sound. The Jacket evokes images of a bygone era of Western cinema. The album’s opening track, “While You Wait,” has the power to transport listeners to another world. Acoustic drums played with brushes bind the mellow vocals, light guitar melody, and bouncy bass line together. This song piques your interest in the rest of the album. Songs like “Unwind” have a unique energy and groove. To help keep “Unwind” in motion, choppy drums accompany a psychedelic keyboard backdrop. When the chorus hits, the drums create a very steady kick, ride, and snare groove that follows the big sweeping guitar. Overall, The Jacket is a fascinating album, Stasiak’s simple drumming lends a hand in pumping and supporting Hamilton’s vocals and Thomas’s guitars. Modern Drummer got the chance to speak with Widowspeak drummer Michael Stasiak about The Jacket.

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