Mark Pusey

If there was a singular word that could describe Mark Pusey it would be “hungry.” His appetite for drums and those who play them is nothing short of immense. Moreover, his ability to articulate the aspects of contemporary drumming in today’s world is impressive. His knowledge of the instrument, its power, and subtleties, only further accentuates his excellent drumming.

For the past 11 years Pusey has held the groove behind pop phenom, Ed Sheeran. Their collaboration began innocently enough jamming in a UK pub. They graduated to clubs, theaters, to the present, where they hold-court in stadiums world-wide. Sheeran’s appeal can be defined as representing the “every man or woman,” while his true magnetism comes from his songwriting and charismatic videos which often convey love in its various forms in the 21st Century. Pusey accompanies Ed Sheeran perfectly. Together they bend styles and genres, and whether a chorus kicks into high gear or they pull a verse back in tempo, Sheeran and Pusey mesh perfectly (a la Elton John and Nigel Olsson).

One of the primary keys to Pusey’s popularity is his versatility. And the following is just a brief array of artists he’s backed live or in the studio: Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones, Olly Murs, Sarah Brightman, Leona Lewis, Ronan Keating, Dr. John, Hilary Duff, and Nina Nesbitt. Musically, Mark is equally at home in the recording studio as he is in a concert setting. Mark is playing on several movie soundtracks including, Argyle with Henry Cavill, Back to Black (a biopic on Amy Winehouse), Wicked (Jeff Goldblum and Ariana Grande), and last year’s Rocket Man with Elton John, which won an Oscar for best original song. Remarkably, early successes have not spoiled Mark. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. His desire to share his good fortune with others in the musical community he serves, is clearly in evidence. In all, Mark Pusey, has the soul of a veteran, but he retains the youthful passion and enthusiasm of a drummer who is “still a kid at heart.” Advertisement

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