November 1989

Vinnie Paul Replica Pearl “Damage Plan Kit”

Ron Spagnardi 1943-2003 Remembered After Twenty Years

Two 1930s Slingerland Green Trap Kits

Snare Drum Duets: Duet 3

“Chapinism” to Jazz Solos: Solo applications from Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer, Vol 1 Coordinated Independence

Jonathan Joseph

African and American Combinations

Step Up and Raise Your Standards!

Double Bass Drumming Exercises

The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming: Feet Only—Triplets

Moeller Technique for Bass Drum Control

The Bass Drum Owners Manual: Applying the Heel Up Technique to Grooves

Sick New World Fest in Las Vegas A Rhythmic Extravaganza

Brent Fitz: His Inspiring Journey

Jay Weinberg Knot Just A New Generation

Max Weinberg: Back on E Street

Jay Weinberg and Max Weinberg: Like Son, Like Father

ProMark Retractable Nylon Brushes

ddrum Dominion Birch 4PC Shell Pack With Paper White Birch Wrap Quality Drums, Compact Price

Latin Percussion Launches New Range of Frame Drums

Roland Zenology Pro

Vic Firth Terra™ Series

Pearl and Drummer Dennis Chambers Create New 10-over 8 Signature Snare.

Drumming for the Brain: Unlocking the Neurological and Psychological Benefits of Rhythmic Therapy

Dave Sundeen’s Custom Kit

Mark Griffith

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