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May 2000


May 2023 – Volume 47 • Number 5

1930-39 Leedy Butterfly Girl Trap Kit with Rolling Console

The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming: Double Strokes

Inside Scorpion Percussion

Mike Portnoy The Winery Dogs and the Power of III

Art Blakey’s Gretsch 1960s Custom Moon Glow Flame kit


Warren Huart Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide

Exercises in African-American Funk “Mangambe”

Snare Drum Duets: Duet 1

Flam Studies

The 4 Practice Pockets: #4. Celebrate the Wins

The Bass Drum Owners Manual: Applying the Moeller Technique to the Bass Drum

Sigtryggur Baldursson: Sugarcube Drumming, Innovative Dialog

Joe McCarthy The New York Afro Bop Alliance Big Band The Pan American Nutcracker Suite

Mark Pusey Ed Sheeran’s Rhythmic Conscience

Roland TD-27KV2 Another V-Drum offering

WFL III Drums Birdseye Maple Snare Classic Maple Mahogany Shell with a Modern Twist

Latin Percussion Launches Tito Puente Signature Timbale and Cowbell Sets

PDP Concept Metal Snare Drums Brushed Aluminum, Copper, and Brass Shells

Your Sonic Universe Awaits with Evans Hybrid and Sensory Percussion

DW Launches the Alex Gonzalez DW ICON™ Snare

The Big Drum-Off

Sonor and Paiste Beauty from the UK

Mark Griffith

Going Above and Beyond