December 2017

December 2017 Modern Drummer

December 2017 Issue – Volume 41 • Number 12

Adam Budofsky

Learn to Love Easy

Queens of the Stone Age’s Jon Theodore

Jon Theodore Style and Analysis

Modern Drummer 2018 Readers Poll

The Psychedelic Furs’ Paul Garisto

Roy McCurdy

Justin Brown

Eli Keszler

Dennis Bryon

John Blackwell Jr.

12 Heartland Prog Albums

Dressing Up Your Fills

Flowing Diddles, Triple Strokes, and Paradiddles

Fill Displacements

Steve Fidyk

Rhythmic Conversions – Part 5: Brazilian Grooves and the Half-Note Triplet

The Circuit – An Ambidextrous Routine for Ultimate Control

Drum Design Knowledge, Part 2: Shell Types and Thicknesses

Yamaha – Rydeen RDP2F5 Drumset

Paiste – 900 Series Cymbals

Black Swamp – Dynamicx Sterling, Live!, and BackBeat Snares

Los Cabos – White Hickory, Red Hickory, and Maple Drumsticks

John Aldridge

Janet Jackson’s John Roberts

New Gear from Tama, Ahead, Remo and Wuhan!

What’s Your Favorite Prog Drumming Record?

Matt Greiner on August Burns Red’s Phantom Anthem

Roy Mayorga With Stone Sour

Mark Guiliana

Neo-Prog, American Style

Peter Magadini’s Polyrhythmic Life

2017 DCI World Championship Results

Sonor Swinger

Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, D’Addario and More!