New Nitron Laminate and Lacquer Finishes

Several durable Nitron laminates and lacquer finishes have been added to Gretsch’s Renown, Catalina, and Energy series. The Catalina Club four-piece jazz configuration is now available in Blue Satin Flame laminate, Renown kits are available in “big flake” Turquoise Sparkle and Copper Sparkle lacquers, and the Energy series now includes a Ruby Sparkle laminate option.

Vic Firth

VicWax Drumstick Wax

This berry-scented drumstick wax, available in a compact container, offers drummers a convenient way to apply any level of coating to sticks to achieve their desired feel. Available at your local music store and Amazon.

Porter & Davies

BC-X Tactile Monitor

This smaller version of the BC2 and BC Gigster features a new TT1 transducer built into the throne top. The transducer uses bone conduction to deliver a silent, accurate reproduction of what’s being played on the bass drum. A vinyl 13″ round seat is supplied. The BC-X is suitable for touring, gigging, and studio work. An All-In-One version with a plastic Hardcase is sold separately.


Studio Cajóns

The Studio line of cajóns includes Peruvian- and flamenco- style instruments. The cajón box is made of birch plywood with solid-maple upper corners and a picture-framed tapa mount. The bass sound port is located to provide optimal resonance while a smaller port is located near the top to help project higher frequencies. The cajón is reinforced along the inside edges for additional strength.

The flamenco cajóns utilize Bendid strings, which provide crisp snare snap for high tones while remaining quiet when playing bass notes. Studio cajóns are available in exotic wood veneers, including rosewood, okoume, zebrawood, makore, sycamore, ebony, walnut, and mahogany.