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Taurus Lovely’s “Crown of Thorns” kit

Taurus Lovely is the touring drummer for the Tina Turner Broadway show entitled Tina. For Modern Drummer’s Kit of the Month, Taurus has brought us his Treehouse custom “Crown of Thorns” drum kit. It is an all-Maple shell kit with…

Modern Drummer
May 31, 2023

Sonor and Paiste Beauty from the UK

For this month’s Kit of the Month, Modern Drummer brings you London, England’s Arnaldo “Arnie” Rogano’s drum set that he uses with his band Madre Sun. His drums are Sonor, his cymbals are Paiste Rude’s, his heads are Remo, his…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2023

Drake’s Avengers kit

Cassie Birchmeier has submitted a cool little kit, and a nice story for Modern Drummer’s April Kit of the Month. She writes, “My son, Drake, has the coolest kit around. He is seven years old, and we bought him a…

Modern Drummer
Mar 31, 2023

Benjamin Patterson’s Crush Kit

This month’s Modern Drummer Kit of the Month comes to us from Benjamin Patterson. Benjamin is rockin’ a Crush kit with his band Rock ‘n Roll Ave. The bass drum is a 20, and his toms are 12 and 14.…

Modern Drummer
Feb 28, 2023

AJ’s Swampy Outlaw Kit

The most recent Kit of the Month comes to Modern Drummer from AJ Newton, who is the drummer for Nautical Rock Band Rusty Shipp based out of Nashville, TN. Michael explains, “Back in 2019 Michael Outlaw of Outlaw Drums built…

Modern Drummer
Jan 31, 2023

Ludwig Classic Maple, classic indeed!

Every Modern Drummer Kit of the Month doesn’t have to be a huge monster kit. Sometimes there’s nothing cooler than a classic four-piece kit. This month’s Kit of the Month comes to us from Jim Chronopoulos of Whitby Ontario, Canada.…

Modern Drummer
Jan 1, 2023

Eric Carr inspires Kyle Schneider and “Fred.”

This month’s Kit of the Month comes to us from Kyle Schneider. The story that accompanies this kit is inspirational, educational, and touching. We’ll let Kyle tell the rest… “In 1985, I watched KISS: Animalize Live and I became completely…

Modern Drummer
Oct 31, 2022

Mapex MyDenity is no Gimikk

This month Modern Drummer’s Kit of the Month comes to us from Josh Tilton. It is a Mapex MyDenity series kit. He uses it for his band Gimikk which plays music from 70’s classic rock to modern pop. In speaking…

Modern Drummer
Sep 30, 2022

Corey’s Kit

This month’s Kit of the Month comes from Canada’s Corey Chernesky. His impressive Tama SuperStar Birch Kit features a 7×8 Rack Tom, 8×10 Rack Tom, 9×12 Rack Tom, 12×14 Floor Tom, 14×16 Floor Tom, and 18×22 Kick Drums. His backbeats…

Modern Drummer
Aug 31, 2022

1997 Satin Emerald Green DW Kit

Mick McDermott plays classic country as well as classic rock, Western swing, and some Les Paul and Mary Ford for good measure on his 1997 DW kit refinished in satin emerald green by Spinelli Drums in St. Petersburg, FL. The…

Modern Drummer
Jul 31, 2022

Michael “Squeak” Melusky, DW Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany

The kit utilizes a Gibraltar rack system designed to be stealth and easy to pack up. Thankfully, it goes into two road cases with minimal tear down. The bass drums have custom matching bass drum hoops with inlay, and also…

Modern Drummer
Jun 30, 2022

Frankenstein Amber Vistalite kit

When Ted “Tazz” Price of Greenville, South Carolina describes his kit, we can all harken back to our younger years of mixing several smaller kits to create one big kit. He explains, “Originally, I was playing a Vistalite John Bonham…

Modern Drummer
May 31, 2022

Ghost Rack

This month’s Modern Drummer Kit of the Month comes from Steve Barone of Erie, PA. I’ve always liked using a drum rack, but over the years I’ve tried to find ways to reduce mass and shave weight from my hardware…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2022

Carter Beauford Replica Kit

April’s Kit of the Month comes to us from Hampton, Arkansas. It is Adam Parker’s Carter Beauford replica kit. Adam explains, “I have followed Carter’s kit every year since I was 14. Eventually I started replicating it because I loved…

Mark Griffith
Mar 31, 2022