We’ve been teasing a few singles from Invisible all week, and today the complete album is officially released.

Modern Drummer has been thrilled and honored to work with Nick D’Virgilio and Sweetwater to bring you the first four play-through videos from D’Virgilio’s Invisible album [Sweetwater Sound].

If you missed them, just click the titles to hear the songs: “Turn Your Life Around,” “I’m Gone,” “Money (That’s What I Want),” and “Where’s the Passion.”

But today, June 26, is the official release date of Invisible. Now, you can purchase this truly brilliant album in vinyl or CD versions.


Modern Drummer will continue to release additional play-through videos throughout the coming weeks, so you can hear D’Virgilio detail his composition process, explain why he used a different drum rig for each song, and other tidbits until the album tracks are pretty much exhausted.

If you’re super impatient and hate to wait, you can get an overview of what’s in store by watching the documentary on the making of the album below.


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