Drum Workshop Acquires Slingerland from Gibson

Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) recently announced the acquisition of the Slingerland drum brand from the Nashville-headquartered guitar icon. Principals from both companies inked the undisclosed deal that will see the Slingerland name be shepherded by the California-based custom drum maker.

“No question Slingerland is one of the great American drum brands, commented DW CEO, Chris Lombardi. “It’s also near and dear to my father’s heart. He played Slingerland, as did many of his friends and fellow drummers. The history is undeniable.”

Founded by H.H. Slingerland, the Illinois-based musical instrument manufacturer began producing drums in 1928 and has remained a favorite among vintage drum enthusiasts. The company’s most noted artist affiliations included greats such as Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, and Louie Bellson. Slingerland was family owned and operated for more than sixty years. During the ’70s and ’80s several companies, including Gretsch, procured the name. In 1994 Gretsch sold Slingerland to Gibson Musical Instruments, where it has remained until today. Advertisement

“In recent months we’ve been working really hard to put the Slingerland brand and that amazing ‘drum essence’ into the right hands,” said Gibson CEO James “J.C.” Curleigh. “I’m really proud and pleased to say that DW is now the owner of Slingerland. All of us here at Gibson want to thank Chris for persevering on this, and we know Slingerland is in great hands.”

Slingerland joins a collection of American brands that also includes DW, Gretsch, Latin Percussion, Pacific Drums and Percussion, and Ovation Guitars. DW is set to announce plans for a new generation of Slingerland instruments in the coming year.