On The Beat with Liam Manley of Uncured: Approaching Transitions in “Dilate” from the album Medusa

Liam Manley

Hi MD! “Dilate” is one of my favorite songs from our album Medusa, as it contains so many varied phrasings and rhythms. Between the intense breakdowns and blistering solos, this song provides me freedom to experiment with prominent fills, grooves, and phrasings.

While I use traditional “macro” strategies in “Dilate” (such as moving the major snare accents to different downbeats to vary repeating cycles of the song), I also employ more subtle addition and subtractions strategies to complement the song’s progress and highlight musical themes. One key focus of my drum technique throughout the Medusa album is layering dynamic content throughout repeating passages to alter their energy.

On “Dilate,” I add unique kick drum and snare ghost note patterns in the song’s breakdown. Due to its open nature, I was able to successfully insert kick drum 32nd note groupings between major accents with dynamic snare ghost notes to push the breakdown forward without crowding its open feel. Check it out at Advertisement

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