On the Beat with Ryan Fergus of Lucky Boys Confusion: Celebrating Twenty Years of Rock ’n’ Roll

Ryan Fergus

Hello fellow MD bashers! I’m a longtime reader of MD and wanted to check in because the band and I are really excited to be releasing our first full-length record of new music in over a decade! Stormchasers comes out on April 14, and our new single, “It’s After Midnight,” is currently streaming everywhere.

We recorded the record with Johnny K (Disturbed, Three Doors Down, Plain White T’s), who was fantastic to work with, and helped me achieve a bigger drum sound than on our older records. I told him in particular that I wanted the toms to sound like demons marching through the gates of hell, and by God, he delivered!

The band went through a lot of adversity since the last time we released new music. Most heartbreakingly, we lost our lead guitarist and brother, Joe Sell, almost five years ago, and way too soon. Stormchasers is a really emotional release for us, and easily the most cohesive, honest work we’ve done in these last two decades of playing together. I can’t wait for long-time fans (as well as new listeners) to hear it. Advertisement

On the drum front, I’m excited to be augmenting my setup for the first time in a long while. I’ve been rocking a minimalist four-piece OCDP kit (along with Zildjian 15″ A Custom hi-hats and 20″ and 24″ A medium rides) for many years now, but the new tunes on Stormchasers have inspired me to expand my sound and add an extra 20″ crash, a small Pearl Firecracker 10″ auxiliary snare, and (perhaps most excitingly) a second floor tom to my left, which has opened up some really interesting fill opportunities (plus it sounds so freakin’ loud). Simple tweaks for sure, but they help provide that little extra bit of firepower to help blast off some of these new tunes live.

Speaking of live shows, we’re planning a lot of dates across the US, so keep up with us and you’ll know where we are. See you at the show!

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