Exclusive Video Premiere! Tomas Haake Plays “Nostrum” From Meshuggah’s Upcoming Album, <i>The Violent Sleep of Reason</i>

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the October release of Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah’s eighth full-length album, The Violent Sleep of Reason. For fans of drummer Tomas Haake, maybe this play-through of the track “Nostrum,” which the group is graciously allowing Modern Drummer Online to premiere, will hold you over until then.

“This clip is from Puk Studio in Denmark,” Haake says, “during the recording for The Violent Sleep of Reason. As we did a bunch of takes for each track, not every hit in video will be same as the audio, since I would play it a little different for every take, whereas video was only recorded for a take or two.

“This track ‘Nostrum’ is one of my favorite ones on the new album to play,” Haake continues. “It’s definitely got its fair share of ‘instrumental technicality,’ but more importantly I think it ended up having a cool, crazy, erratic-type vibe to it, as well as a playfulness, making it interesting and enhancing the song to beyond its mere technical aspects. This one also has one of the coolest guitar solos on it, played by Fredrik Thordendal of the band. Advertisement

“For as wild and erratic as it may come across, I hope you guys will dig it for the song it is. Enjoy!”